‘Who let ThinkProgress program this’? CPAC hosts squishy immigration panel


CPAC hosted a panel this morning on immigration, but most conservatives responded with frustration and anger.

@michellemalkin The tweets I’m seeing about CPAC open borders sound like minutes from a Progressives Anonymous meeting. #tone

— Amy Morales (@amyface_mo) March 14, 2013

From what I’m seeing in my timeline, it looks like the #CPAC panel on immigration has been infected with political correctness.

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) March 14, 2013


Another heckler shouts out “politically correct” at #CPAC immigration panel.

— Jordan Fabian (@Jordanfabian) March 14, 2013

Many conservatives found themselves irritated with the panelists’ calls for a more “moderate “approach to immigration (in other words, amnesty):

So now the conservative base that stopped amnesty is demonized at #cpac2013

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Incredible that #cpac2013 is flacking for the Democrats’ amnesty plan. #immigration

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Someone called out “legally” when Ayers said we need Hispanic allies

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

I support some form of immigration reform, but this panel is starting to make me gag for real. #CPAC13

— Jorge Bonilla (@BonillaJL) March 14, 2013

Their penchant for pussyfooting:

This panel is co-opting awful language on immigration. It’s as if illegal is no longer illegal, even though it is actually illegal #CPAC13

— Tony Katz (@tonykatz) March 14, 2013

No one speaking at #cpac2013 can bring themselves to say “illegal”

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Attendee asks me about CPAC’s immigration panel, “have they used the word ‘illegal’ at all?” Think the preferred term is “undocumented.”

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) March 14, 2013

And, of course, their desire for a softer tone:

CPAC panelists chastise immigration enforcement advocates to stop using “harsh tone.” They prefer marshmallow tone. #harshtoner

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) March 14, 2013

What EXACTLY do these ppl mean by “harsh tone?” Using phrase “illegal aliens?” Condemning MS-13 illegal alien rapists & drunk drivers? What?

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) March 14, 2013

.@michellemalkin A harsh tone is one where the speaker does not cower behind poll-tested, PC-speak approved phraseology. Facts=Harsh

— Lee Wheat (@NumbuhOne) March 14, 2013

OMG… who in the heck invited Obama supporters to #CPAC13 – “Please stop the harsh rhetoric on immigration Conservatives” #PCism at CPAC

— ElishaNEWS™ (@ElishaNEWS) March 14, 2013

What does “new tone” have to do w/ amnesty & unlimited immigration? #cpac2013

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Nothing, last time we checked.

“Undocumented” at #cpac2013 – is this a Kos gathering?

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Technically, no. But the audience was treated as it were.

Might as well be. RT @jenin140 @michellemalkin I’m stunned by the immigration tweets coming out of CPAC.Is OFA running that panel?

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) March 14, 2013

And if these “conservative” voices believe that caving on immigration will benefit the GOP, they’ve got another thing coming:

If GOP passes amnesty, it will lose House in 2014 as GOP voters stay home or members are primaried

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

Ayres says amnesty will enable GOP victory in 2016 – Dems are going to laugh all the way to victory

— Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) March 14, 2013

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